Tax Preparation Services in Holliston MA

Tax Preparation Services in Holliston MA

Preparing your income tax return can leave you with more questions than answers. Accurate tax processing and tax preparation services require in-depth knowledge and insight of the various tax laws.

Ruth Collins gives you the required skill and expertise needed to mitigate the risks involved in executing various tax laws. This ensures the greatest tax incentives and savings legally possible. Our tax services are quick, affordable, and highly reliable.

Our team of professionals helps to maximize efficiency and profits, while minimizing operational costs. We help individuals and small business owners to not only avoid the penalties associated with underpayment of taxes, but to also have a preliminary look at year-to-date income and profits and evaluate the expected income tax liability for the year.

Many of our Holliston clients trust Ruth’s tax planning firm and its expertise. Ruth Collins emphasizes individual needs and operates with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. Our clients are individually assessed to receive the maximum benefits allowed by their requirements and situation. Offering quality tax preparation services in Holliston, MA, we assure that professionals stay abreast of frequent changes in the laws so as to provide the most effective solutions. Our CPAs offer tax planning services to small and mid-size businesses in Holliston and surrounding areas.

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Ruth is an extremely talented accountant and service provider. She possesses strong G.A.P acumen, an acute intuitive sense, and the ability to ask the right questions – digging deeper to seek and solve core issues. She ethically driven and committed to finding proper solutions. Ruth is also witty and charming which I have watched her parlay into strong communication with the larger group – often bringing divergent attitudes and ideas in line with what “has to be done.”

I would recommend Ruth unreservedly – and I put my money where my mouth is. This year in light of working with Ruth, we moved our home finances/taxes to her firm which she handles promptly and professionally. In our particular case we were excited by the refund but particularly pleased with the abatement received from last year – having found a mistake from our former provider.

Please consider her for your personal and professional needs. Jeff S.  – Franklin MA