Tax Preparation Services in Millis MA

Tax Preparation Services in Millis MA

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for help in tax planning and preparation or an individual with questions about the newly executed tax laws, financial decisions can be daunting. The environment is constantly advancing making it necessary to make well-informed and educated decisions. Hence, we understand. Ruth Collins, a leading firm for tax preparation services in Millis, MA provides leading professional tax planning services in Millis.

Ruth Collins considers each client’s individual situation with the aim of minimizing the overall tax burden. For the self-employed individual or a business owner, we monitor the tax liabilities and make the recommendations regarding the transactions and structure of the business. Therefore, we offer a number of business and tax preparation services in Millis which range from the start up of a business to the annual accounting of the business and preparation of the financial statements.

We ensure best practices in tax planning in Millis via proper audits and reviews. We give you the expertise needed to ensure maximum tax savings and incentives that can be legally possible. Our tax planning services are fast, affordable and highly secure with the perfect blend of accounting skills, tax planning experience and financial knowledge.

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5 starFirst year having Ruth do our taxes and we could not be happier with the experience! Her thoroughness and professionalism was top notch and everything was communicated in a very simple and straight forward manner. I’m confident she got us every dollar she could. She also went above and beyond providing us all of the forms we need for the upcoming year. We’ll be back next season! Keith H.  – Millis MA